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2011 News

MARGS OVERSEAS TRIP mid-July late September 2011

Since 1976 Ive made about 10 trips to the UK taking in folk clubs and festivals, sometimes touring solo or with John Warner. But its seven years since Ive was last in England, and now Im retired from the day job and have time to do some catching up. Its not a proper tour; the emphasis hasnt been to get gigs so much as to catch up with friends and folkies from one end of the country to the other and get in as much singing and listening as I can. I'll be teaming up with Ross Campbell at a couple of festivals. See details on the GIGS page.

Summary: First month 13 July 14 Aug based in Oxford; then mid Aug first days in September flitting round mid north (Yorkshire/Lancashire); early Sept quick trip to Ireland; then Midlands briefly, Yorkshire + again, then Ireland for my last weekend. Back to Oxford and leave UK 27 Sept.


The best contact for me while traveling is by email: (replacing AT with @ of course!). I have a mobile number in England: 07587462709.  To use it from Australia, you put the PLUS sign first, then 44, then you drop the zero ie +447587462709. A back-up phone number is c/- friends in Oxford, Trish and Dion Vicars 01865 558408. If you have to post something, use c/- Vicars, 18 Salisbury Cres, Oxford OX2 7TL. Im on Facebook (irregularly); and may be able to update web:


ROSS CAMPBELL -- singing with Margaret in the UK

They might live 10,771 miles apart, but Ross Campbell from Fleetwood, Lancs and Margaret Walters from Sydney Australia have a great deal in common musically  They have known each other for 15 years and catch up when Ross visits Australia and Margaret visits the UK. In 2011 they are combining musical forces at Whitby and Fylde.

Ross Campbell has been a constant source of musical energy in the north west of England. He has a formidable repertoire, a fine voice and is a skilled musician, playing various stringed instruments and concertina with great sensitivity. He has performed with Red Duster, Demdyke and in other combinations of local artists. Ross has arranged settings of many poems by Ron Baxter which have been the basis of many productions performed at the Fleetwood Museum about local folk lore and the things maritime.