Ordering CDs

CDs  are available from Margaret but not all are still in print and some are reduced in price. So please email margaretwalters2 at gmail.com first to check availability and cost. Payment can be made via PayPal or by cheque, but not credit card.

Phone: (02) 9698 2206   

 Yarri of Wiradjuri ($25)

John Warner's epic song and verse cycle featuring Margaret and the Roaring Forties.

 Power in a Song ($25)

14 songs featuring Margaret's singing with 4 songs by John Warner, 5 trad.





For the Future and the Past

12 songs recorded in 1990

Margaret's solo album of lesser known Australian folk songs from a variety of sources: the incorrigible convict, Frank the Poet to Henry Lawson, Dorothy Hewett, etc.  All imbued with strength and vigour.

 The Sea and the Soil ($25)

14 songs by John Warner recorded 1992/2000

John's first solo album with songs about the Australia's environment, wilderness and city versions; explorers; trades people; horses; bunyips - all from John's inimitable world view.

For the Future and the Past is now out of stock, but authorised copies are available for $20 AUD plus postage.    Please e-mail Margaret to order.



 Who Was Here? ($25)    

15 songs - 10 by John Warner, 5 by MacColl, Jez Lowe et al  recorded with Margaret Walters in 1997.

Who was here? Their names are on a memorial stone in an obscure coastal town in New Zealand's south island. Their track is the canal and the railway line; their footprints the rust and ruins of old works, or the lasting brilliance of well-maintained crafts. Not forgetting dinosaurs and other monsters.

Pithead in the Fern ($25;  word book $3)

17 songs by John Warner recorded with Margaret Walters & Taliesin in 1994

A documentary in song of the coal mining region of South Gippsland, Victoria - the coming of the railways and farms, the isolation of pioneers, the industrial strife, the plight of the Aboriginal people, the effects of civilization on the temperate rain forest region.





Pack o' Pirates ($25)

12 songs by John Warner recorded 1998.

John's solo album brimming with sensitivity for the world viewed from a child's perspective. John's compositions radiate energy and enthusiasm for Sydney Harbour's tugs, sirens on emergency vehicles, frogs, trains, dinosaurs etc. There's the response of a child being left at a child care centre, and a worker's fulfillment watching a child learn to walk.

Shore Leave ($25)

17 songs recorded by the Roaring Forties '97

The Roaring Forties take a break from just sea shanties and add songs from British and American sources - gospel, pagan, industrial, humour - all in their spirited wall-of-sound mode.





Hazard, Hardship and Damned Little Pay ($25)

Sea shanties recorded by the Roaring Forties

Life of Brine ($25)

The Roaring Forties' latest rousing release of sailors' work and leisure songs.





CDs are also available from  FolkTrax via www.folktrax.com.  Send e-mail to manager at FolkTrax.com